"At the height of laughter, the Universe

is flung into a kaleidoscope

of new possiblites." ~Jean Houston



AGES 2-5


Kids Creative Power is excited to now offer Early Learning Art classes to our youngest of explorers!


Classes are inspired by the Reggio Emilia preschool approach to learning. Rather than each class being guided with a speific project, we place the child at the center of their learning experince.  A variety of sensory and creativity stations including clay, painting, building mateirals, and more are set up to stimuate the child's interest and wonder.  Although some classes will give instruction for specific projects, we  create an enviroment where children are free to select, explore, and investigate matieals that they are organically drawn to. This is a whole-child and inquiry- based approach to learning. 


To put it plainly, we belive that children are brilliant, that play is powerful, and that imagination doesn't need to be taught--but simply given the space to be revealed.







AGES 7 and up!


Puppet Theater is one of our personal favorites . Student are introduced to various forms of puppetry from shadow-puppetry to marrionttes, to mask-making, and more! This class is offered in two parts: Part 1 is the puppet-making class, where students will learn to create thier puppets.  Part 2 is the full puppet theatre class. Here  students will bring their puppets to life  with self written stoires. And then,  then become both directors and puppeteers of their own puppet peformances! 




AGES 7 and up! 


This class offers a cornicopia of creative fun. We explore  a varity of materials and projects including clay, painting, book arts, paper sculpture, kitemaking and more. The class is teacher guided, yet student inspired.  We follow curiosity and create projects based on student interest. This class is also sometimes led by invited guest artists.






Quality time is the best time.  This is a time for parents, aunties, and uncles to enjoy being together, exploring materials, creating, and most imporantly having fun together.  This is KCP's only drop-in class.  Up to 4 members of a family are allowed to attend at a time.  However, seating is limited, so please be sure to register  or arrive a bit early to ensure there is space for your entire family. 

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