History of Kids' Creative Power


Kids Creative Power (KCP) began offering its creativity-centered curriculum 18 years ago within a homeschool cooperative. The cooperative was organized by a group of parents seeking to give their children an educational experience that would teach them to think and experience the world as a whole person while nurturing their innate intelligence. We used creativity as our means of achieving project- and inquiry-based learning. Our goal was to nurture the spirit of the child and prepare them for how to live and be. 


In 2002, KCP introduced its unique curriculum to the Minnesota Department of Education where KCP developed a specialized arts curriculum that focused on cross-disciplinary learning in order to teach the core learning content. Its results were a success. Students were thriving and KCP was asked to develop additional curricula that included using the arts to address identity, cultural awareness, and cultural sensitivity.


In 2005, KCP brought its programing to New York through the Arts in Education department of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Foundation.  KCP was given the task of developing a creative curriculum which specifically addressed the needs of at-risk children. The focus was on identity, self-esteem, conflict resolution, decision-making and goal-setting.  From there,  Kids’ Creative Power began providing arts services to the NYC DOE as well as other New York-based arts in education programs such as The Leadership Program and Urban Arts Partnership. In addition to its local success, KCP’s work has grown and been recognized internationally from the school children of India to the classrooms of Haiti.


In 2009,  the founder of KCP was invited by the senator of the Bahamas to lead a discussion with the Ministry of Education on the revamping of the Bahamian curriculum. She posed the question: “Instead of trying to  incorporate creativity into your core subject areas... what would happen if you flipped the model upside down?  What if we allowed our children to investigate art as the 'core subject' from which all academics can be learned?" Ever since, KCP has been designing curricula that does just that. Welcome to the KCP studio space for creative minds, young and old...