Hi, I'm Nehprii Amenii,   the founder and  current director of Kids Creative Power (KCP). I am an educator, an artist, and a writer.  After enjoying over 18 years experience of teaching  from early learning to higher ed, I  am happy to launch Kids Creative Power as a composite of my experiences  and as a space  to fully embrace my student and creativity centered approach to education. In addition the work here at KCP, I am a also  curriculum developer and professional development trainer for Urban Arts Partnership; I  work closely with school admin and teachers to integrate arts and differentiate the NYCDOE curriculum.  I also serve as a creative consultant for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Foundation’s Arts in Education Department


Throughout my years as an educator, I have been honored to receive invitation to speak on creativity and education reform nationally and internationally; I have been able to share my passion with children right here in New York and also with the young people in Haiti and India.  Using art, creativity  and a lot of love, I am grateful to be of service to our children. 


As a multi-disciplinary artist, as well as a published author and illustrator, my art has also been commissioned and exhibited nationally and internationally. In 2013, I was the recipient of the Lipkin Prize for Playwriting.  Most recently, I'm elated to have been invited to present my work at  the 2015 Women Playwrights International Conference being held in South Africa.


 I received my B.A in Creative Writing, Studio Arts and Journalism from the University of Minnesota and  an M.F.A in Theatre Production from Sarah Lawrence College.  For more about me as an artist please    visit www.NehpriiAmenii.com