Kids' Creative Power is an arts in education organization. We are about play and imagination. We are about creativity and making. We are about curiosity and explorations. And let's not forget laughter, love, and hand-holding along the way.

 The KID in Kids’ Creative Power is about preserving the innate artist inside of our children long into adulthood... and it’s also every bit about nurturing the child inside of us adults still yearning to play and to create!

We inspire and encourage creativity. 
Kids’ Creative Power is dedicated to sharing with its community of students, parents, and educators, the gifts of curiosity, leadership, autonomy, teamwork and free-thought.  Our mission is for each child to know and express their innate power of creativity, and to use it to design their desired life and world...Imagination and art making is the practice. 


KCP for  A.L.L

(Arts for Language Learners!) 

By combining visual arts and  personal narrative, A.L.L advances literacy development and ELA achievements

KCP’s Artist Studio (KCP at home!)

KCP’s artist studio (KCP at home!) program provides weekend creativity, for all ages. Our drop in classes, allow students to work directly with professional artists while harnessing their own their own creative power. Classes are small and full of imagination! 

Continued Learning

Offers standards-aligned in school studio residencies, afterschool arts and tutoring, Early Learning, professional development for teachers, and parent engagement activities.


Arts integration is the use of the arts in core curriculum classrooms. Arts integration is used to differentiate the core subject and create a seamless integration using project based learning. K.C.P's teaching artists work closely with classroom teachers to create a unit that will help to creatively echo the class lesson in all subjects.


WINGS is Kids’ Creative Power’s Art and Healing Program. Within this program we focus on using the arts as a vehicle of transformation, catharsis, self-exploration and empowerment.

Curriculum Development 

K.C.P creates customized curricula that is specifically tailored to meet the learning and educational goals of each school, organization, or parent. 

“A man with no imagination has no wings to fly”

~Muhammad Ali

"Arts in short have the greatest impact of any subject on  standardized test scores"

~James Catterall 

"Imagination is the source of every form of human achievement."

~Ken Robinson